BY Grace Knott 
 This book, built on the foundation of the orignal, features fresh renditions of Grace's original smocking designs in pleasing colour combinations.
 Basic, advanced and speciality smocking stitches are described step by step using easily understood photos, illustrations and text.
 From preparing materials to finishing touches "English Smocking will be your guide.
 Background of Grace Knott Grace Lillian Clark was born in Northamptonshire, England. While attending school, Grace learned the art of smocking unaware of the important role that it would play in her life.
 Her first introduction to smocking in Canada was her gift of a small child's dress to a friend complete with her own smocking design. 
 The dress was such a success that Grace was soon overwhelmed with requests for similar garments.
 Realizing that she could never keep up with the demand, Grace offered smocking lessons, thus starting her famous " School of English Smocking". 
 Grace's classes were soon booked well in advance. As her fame spread, Grace taught and demonstrated her craft in many cities and towns in Canada and the US, made appearance on television and judged smocked articles. She was recognized by the Royal School of needlework and by the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, England.