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French Val is short for the French city of Valenciennes where Val laces originated. Val laces are unsurpassed in exquisite design and quality, acquired through centuries of creative effort and skill. Since the mid 1800's, these beautiful French cotton laces have been manufactured on the same looms in Lyon, France.

For generations these cotton laces have been the choice of top heirloom designers for their beauty and durability.

When you invest in quality fabric you want to embellish it with a lace that will withstand the test of time.


Fractions of a yard should be entered in decimal form, as shown in the chart below.

1/8 = .125  1/4 = .25  3/8 = .375  5/8 = .625  3/4 = .75  7/8 = .875

Example: 3 and 7/8 yards would be entered as 3.875 under Quantity.


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