850 French Val Edge White 1/2"

French Val Edge  Lace

Catalog number 850W, imported from Lyon, France. 

1/2   inch wide.

Catalog number 850W, imported from Lyon, France.

A delicate scalloped lace edge.

Suitable for doll clothes, children's dresses and other heirloom sewing projects.

This lace has a leader, a thread that facilitates ruffling.

French Val (short for the French city of Valenciennes) laces are unsurpassed in exquisite design and quality, acquired through centuries of creative effort and skill.  

Since the mid 1800's, these beautiful cotton laces have been manufactured on 19th century old looms in Lyon, France.  These fine cotton laces are the choice of all top heirloom designers because they last for generations.  When you invest in quality fabric you want to embellish it in a lace that will withstand the test of time

This lace was manufactured  on 19th century looms using an historic pattern.